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Day Trip to Oliva

At the beginning of the month, we spent wonderful days in Valencia in Spain (I already did a post about Valencia, to see click here), we also took 2 days to travel around and visit some cities in the region. One of these cities was the charming Oliva.

The small historic centre in Oliva

Oliva is a small town with a population of 27,374 inhabitants. The town has a charming historic center with restaurants and bars but the main attraction of Oliva is its 7 km of blue flag beaches with soft sand bathed by the Mediterranean.

Oliva has long been a very popular holiday option among the Spaniards and the town has gained more and more popularity among visitors from other countries.

How to get there: Oliva is located 75 kilometers south of Valencia and 100 kilometers north of Alicante. These cities also have the closest airports to Oliva. For those who are not traveling by car, the easiest way to get to Oliva is by train. There are no direct connections to Oliva, you will have to take a train to Gandia and from there a short bus trip to Oliva.

Oliva’s Beach

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Photos: Carla De Marchi

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